Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Reviews

1. ShopKeep point of sales

ShopKeep is a simple and efficient software that is usually used in small businesses. ShopKeep is usually used by catering and beverage sellers. It charges only a price of $69 for a month along with its registration process. The payment charges are given as you keep using it and there is no termination fee in case you want to stop using point of sale system. It is an efficient software that works as an all-rounder and is simple to use as well. ShopKeep has a great performance level as it is fast and dynamic; however it does come with some drawbacks as well. It is usually known for its great pricing as well as its offline functionality and support offers.

2. Toast point of sales

Toast was created in 2013, by three co-workers; Steve Fredette, Aman Narang, and Jonathan Grimm. The three co-workers created this point of sale system so that it could be more mobile, efficient, an easier way to access data as well as having a great customer services. It is best used for food industries that can range from small companies to larger companies. The point of sale system comes with built-in features for online ordering, sell gift cards and now and online inventory system as well. Unlike the other competition, toast runs on an android operating system making it much more cost efficient and flexible.

3. Revel point of sales

Revel’s point of sale system was created in 2010. In its early stages, it started its beta testing’s and caught the attention of early stage venture capital that was around $3.7 million. Since then it has received quite a lot of different funding’s and has managed to win quite a few awards as well. Some of the awards include “best enterprise technology.” At this point of Revel systems have more than 700 staff members and several international offices in Italy, Lithuania, London and Australia.

4. Breadcrumb point of sales

Breadcrumb point of sales system has a great designed staff team which puts their company to a better use. Their staff members include former managers, servers and bar tenders. They have all managed to work together and create an easy to use and efficient point of sales system, that would help get rid of certain problems faced within the food industries. Breadcrumb POS is part of a much larger restaurant management platform and has had several different ownerships in the past few years. They have great features such as table management, specialty ordering, customer management and restaurant management. These features are great tools that can be used to run a bar, restaurant or a night club.

5. Lavu point of sales

Lavu is a great point of sales design structure that has features essential to industries related to food trucks and larger restaurants. It was made as a wireless structure and can easily be used on the user friendly interface of Apple devices. It was founded in 2010 and has gained quite some success ever since. Presently it is being used by 20,000 restaurants in 88 countries with no signs of slowing down or losses. The research and development team of lavu keeps coming up with new innovations and new features.

6. TouchBistro point of sales

TouchBistro has been climbing up the market ever since it was created and it is ranked as the top grossing point of sales application at the Apple store in more than 35 countries. Moreover, the company has also received various kinds of awards and honors. TouchBistro is specifically designed for the use of restaurants, cafes and bars. The hardware is easy to start up and it is cost efficient as well.

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