4 Rules of choosing a Secure Point of sales system

4 Rules of choosing a Secure Point of sales system

Point of Sale system is software that every merchant finds extremely handy. Point of Sale system not only simplifies transactions, but also offers a platform for efficient inventory management, customer tracking, and employee management. However, there is one critical aspect of point of sale system overlooked by many entrepreneurs: Security. Security is a core aspect that should be taken seriously especially at the checkout area. It only takes a single security issue to bring your business down. Stay ahead of security problems by adhering to the following rules when choosing a secure point of sales system:

1.     Your chosen Point of Sales system must be PCI compliant

Your customer security should be a top agenda for your business. That’s why you must ensure the POS system you intend to implement is PCI compliant. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standards) regulations require that any business accepting credit cards as payment method must ensure airtight security for customer credit card information. This is vital because if a customer’s credit card is compromised, you may incur punitive financial fines and this could damage your business reputation.

2.     Know the encryption options available for Point of Sales systems

Because security is critical for your electronic payment systems, it’s mandatory that you get to grips with the encryption options available for any Point of Sale system. With encryption, information is changed to a form that is unreadable to anyone except the person responsible for that information. Only the decryption key can get access to your information and decrypt it. This offers airtight security for customers’ credit card information.

3.     Updating and maintaining your Point of Sale system must be on your agenda

Technology is moving at breakneck speeds, and this includes credit card payment processing solutions technology. Your chosen POS system must come with maintenance and upgrade schedule. Outdated systems are vulnerable to hackers and can dangerously expose your customers’ credit card information. When you purchase a POS retail or POS restaurant system, ensure it’s thoroughly maintained by the installation of antivirus and antimalware and that it’s updated on a regular basis.

4.     Point of Sales systems should be isolated from other business technology

When vulnerabilities manifest in business, Point of Sales systems are normally the weakest points because they implement a standard operating system, which is easily attacked when a malware manifests. That’s why the POS system should be completely separated from the rest of the business technology.

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