Comparison of the most efficient website builders for startups.

Website builders are an excellent way of creating a web site for individuals and small companies without recruiting a developer. However, it can be difficult for start-ups to find the best website builder. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, check out the inspiration of your competitors or other sites. There is a spectrum of website builders and the builder that makes sense for you depends on what you really need. Consider when you select a phone. The key requirement is to select features that suit your needs. With a website developer, it is necessary to have a place to access your website, an instrument set to help you design and edit content but there is more to it like phone selection. Here given are the most frequent used website builders to choose from.

Website builder comparison

The builders of websites are available by a dozen or so on the Internet. The majority of website developers offer an interface with drag and drop to build your site. Before taking your final decision, you can take advantage of the trials for testing out if a particular builder fits your requirements.

1. Shopify

Shopify website builder specifically designed for online shops and websites. With over half a million active users, it manages over half a million companies. The Shopify Platform has sold over 40 trillion dollars of products. Making it a hit or miss for new entrepreneurs, looking to start an e-commerce business.

Shopify makes it super simple to build a complete e-commerce shop with its intuitive drag and drop interface. It also has in-store POSs that allow you to sell products at your site while you accept all your credit cards and use the inventory, shipping, marketing and statistical management tools at Shopify. You can even integrate Shop into WordPress so that you can use both great solutions simultaneously. This means you need not worry about managing your software, installing updates or keeping your backups. Shopify is an all in one e-commerce business solution. Shopify does for you everything. As a Website Builder for ECommerce, Shopify comes complete with inventory administration, unlimited products, powerful stats, easy marketing solutions, all of them cleanly wrapped under one roof.

You will be charged $29 for each month for Shopify’s basic plan. You can update it to $79 per month for shops, or $299 per month for Advanced features. Shopify also offers a $9 per month shop site plan, which allows you to add a purchase button to any website. Shopify may be the smart choice for you if you want a trouble-free e-commerce site designer.

2. is a service for website hosting. You do not have to think too hard about the software and backup systems as it is managed by

All current plans enable users to choose from hundreds of WordPress themes, free and paid. You can then add your web title, use widgets, add navigation menus, etc. with the built-in customizer. It does not offer other website builders the same drag-and-drop functionality. You can easily, however, to some extent customize designs. Customized plugins or themes may not be installed unless you upgrade to your business plan. Premium and lower plans have no ecommerce features or support for third-party ad networks. As compared to Shopify.

 The normal plan is free, but extremely limited. Their personal scheme begins with a monthly charge of $4 and includes a customized domain. The premium plan costs $8.25 per month billed annually, which enables you to monetize your site and customize your advanced design. Annually billed $24.92 a month costs the business plan and it allows you to have Ecommerce and customized plugins.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy feature a simple and elegant website builder with included hosting. GoDaddy Web Builder is a quick and easy way to build websites that look like a professional one.

 The builder of GoDaddy websites works on smaller displays as well. This option is also available for Shopify. This allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet to work on your website. It comes pre-loaded with several blocks that can be dragged and dropped in order to build various designs. You also have a photo library incorporating Getty Photography professional images which can be used on your website. You can also upload photos yourself and build image galleries. It is not as rich and versatile as most website constructors. It features a limited set of features with less design possibilities. All plans are charged on a yearly basis, personal plans cost 5.99 dollars per month, business plans 9.99 dollars per month and business plus plans 14.99 dollars per month.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is among the known website builders comes with a company-grade hosting infrastructure. This safe and robust platform enables you to focus on your business development without worrying about hosting.

In Squarespace you can also create an online store to your website with a plan for e-commerce. It contains tons of website designs to begin. All these models are fully equipped for all content types. It can be edited fully and allows you to use multiple templates simultaneously on the same website.  It provides a nice interface for managing your products, inventories, purchases, coupons and more. Their e-commerce plans only make Stripe, Apple Pay and PayPal possible for payments processing. They offer limited integration with a third-party service that can hamper your business. No other payment gates can be added. Web sites start at $12 a month and $18 a month. Their online shops begin at $26 and $40 a month. it is a nicely designed platform that has very easy features to use. If you want to build a website quickly, this may be ideal.

Picking the website builder that suits your business

It’s important to note down business prospects and expansion goals while picking the website builder which suits your business from the ones mentioned above. Whether it is a new business or any business planning to expand to e-commerce platforms. Shopify offers more flexible plans and opportunities to benefit from third parties, provided with its easily manageable payment methods.More Info website Builder wiki

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